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Liturgy Committees

Liturgy Committees

The Liturgy Committee is concerned with bringing the parish community and others closer to God through faithful observance of the Church's liturgical norms and guidelines, especially the Mass and other liturgical rites. It seeks to nurture and deepen the parish's public and private prayer life by encouraging full and active participation through well-planned and well-celebrated liturgies. It seeks to provide the proper training and participation of liturgical ministers during all parts of the liturgies.

Holy Redeemer Liturgy Committee - The Committee meets seasonally.

St. Aloysius Liturgy Committee - It meets at 9:00 a.m. on the second Tuesday of the following months – January, March, May and November. There is also a group that meets to plan the music for weekend Masses.

2018 May Liturgy Committee Minutes

2018 April Liturgy Committee Minutes

2018 March Liturgy Committee Minutes

2018 Jan. Liturgy Committee Minutes

2017 Dec. liturgy committee minutes

2017.11.17 SA Liturgy Comm. minutes

2017.10.03 SA liturgy committee minutes

2017.05.09 SA liturgy comm. minutes

St. Mary’s Liturgy Committee - The Committee at 5:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of the month in the meeting room in the parish office. There is also a group that meets to plan the music for weekend Masses.

March 2018 Liturgy Committee Minutes

February 2018 Liturgy Committee Minutes

January 2018 Liturgy Committee Minutes

November 2017 Liturgy Committee Minutes

September 2017 Liturgy Committee Minutes

June 2017 Liturgy Committee Minutes

St. John’s Liturgy Committee  - It meets to plan for and prepare the environment for the church.