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Ash Wednesday Mass Schedule

8:30 am St. Aloysius
11:00 am St. Mary ~ Prepared by: Grade’s 2 & 5
5:30 pm Holy Redeemer 
6:00 pm St. John
7:00 pm St. Aloysius
7:30 pm St. Mary

Fr. Denny's 70th Birthday Party

Fr. DennyThe Heart of Jesus Area Faith Community is celebrating Fr. Denny's 70th birthday on February 10th at St. Aloysius Church. The festivity will begin with 5:00pm Mass with food and activities to follow in the Jubilee Center.

An Evening with William Lane Craig

Ten years ago, a seminarian friend told me that Dr. William Lane Craig, an evangelical Protestant, was by far the most effective spokesman for the Christian point of view and that he had taken on the atheists with great intelligence, wit, and panache. That night, I looked up Dr. Craig on YouTube and watched, with fascination, his debates with the superstars of the atheist movement. From that evening on I was a fan. This is why, when I was invited by the good people at the Claremont Center for Reason, Religion, and Public Affairs to participate in an all-day dialogue with William Lane Craig, I jumped at the opportunity.

Change to One-Priest weekend, January 13/14

This weekend, January 13/14, has been changed to a one priest weekend.  The second priest who was scheduled to say Mass this weekend had to cancel due to emergency eye surgery.  Please help spread the word about it being a one priest weekend.

The Surprising Message of “Downsizing”

As I took in the opening scenes of Alexander Payne’s new film, “Downsizing,” and heard a lot of talk about protecting the environment and the dangers of overpopulation, I thought that the movie would be a propaganda piece for left-wing causes. Instead, “Downsizing” amounts to a not-so-subtle critique of that ideology and a surprising commentary on the West's population implosion.

How the “Star Wars” Franchise Lost Its Way

I fell sound asleep for about ten minutes during the most recent installment in the “Star Wars” franchise, “The Last Jedi.” This was not only because the narrative had wandered down a very tedious alleyway, but because “Star Wars” in general has lost its way. What began as a thrilling exploration of the “philosophia perennis” has devolved into a vehicle for the latest trendy ideology—and that is really a shame.

One Priest Weekend: December 30/31

Reminder, this weekend is a one-priest weekend.  The Weekend Mass Schedule and the Solemnity of Mary Mass Schedule is as follows:
December 30
5:00pm - St. Aloysius - Olivia
7:00pm - St. John - Hector
December 31
8:30am - Holy Redeemer - Renville
10:30am - St. Mary - Bird Island

Solemnity of Mary Mass Schedule:
December 31:
5:00pm - St. Aloysius - Olivia
6:30pm - St. John - Hector
January 1:
8:30am - Holy Redeemer - Renville
10:30am - St. Mary - Bird Island

“Lady Bird” and the Breakthrough of Grace

Greta Gerwig’s new film, “Lady Bird,” has taken the critics by storm. Having seen the coming attractions, I knew it would be a quirky, offbeat comedy, but I had no idea that “Lady Bird” would be of considerable religious interest as well.

Immaculate Conception Schedule

Our Area Faith Community Mass schedule for the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary is as follows:

Thursday, December 7th:

  • 5:30pm - Holy Redeemer, Renville
  • 7:00pm - St. Mary, Bird Island

Friday, December 8th:

  • 8:30am - St. Aloysius, Olivia
  • 11:00am - St. Mary, Bird Island (with School)
  • 5:30pm - St. Aloysius, Olivia
  • 6:30pm - St. John, Hector

Paul VI, Prophet

This coming July, we will mark the 50th anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s deeply controversial encyclical letter “Humanae vitae.” But I would like to draw particular attention to a remarkable passage in this encyclical, namely section 17, in which Paul VI plays the prophet and lays out, clearly and succinctly, what he foresees as consequences of turning away from the Church’s classic teaching on sex.