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Heart of Jesus Area Faith Community Parish Mission

    Sunday           Monday          Tuesday          Wednesday

   March 31st,        April 1st,           April 2nd,             April 3rd

 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
 Church of St. Mary, Bird Island

 Presented by Bill Wegner from Good News International

 This is an extraordinary opportunity for each of us to be lead into a deeper renewal of our faith and into a fuller transformation of our spiritual life.  Everyone will leave the mission with a more profound and very personal relationship with the Lord.

The mission is for everyone, young or old, single or married, regardless of your vocation or state in life.  Please take this opportunity to invite someone to attend with you - a friend, relative, and/or neighbor- Catholic or not.  All evening sessions at St Mary’s Church in Bird Island will begin promptly at 7:00pm.  All morning sessions, Monday through Wednesday, will begin at 8:30am Morning Mass at St. Aloysius.



God our Father

We offer You praise and thanksgiving for

All the many gifts you have given us.

We thank you especially for the gift of

Our Parish Mission.

Quiet our minds and open our hearts

To receive the gift of your Truth.

Grant that our coming Mission will be a

Time of Grace for all.

A time of Growth for our Young

A time of Refreshment for our Old

A time of Renewal for our Families

A time of Healing for the Broken

A time of Joy for the Sorrowing

A time of Challenge for the complacent

A time of Grace for the Sinner

A time of Strength for the Holy

A time of Homecoming for those who

Have been away.

Grant, most loving Father, that the Mission

May bring down your richest Blessings

On one and all!

We ask this through the Intercession of

Mary, Our Mother, and all our Patron Saints

In the Name of Jesus Christ

Who is Lord of all.  Amen. 


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