Encountering Christ Together

Cemetery Committees

The Cemetery regulations were developed in accordance with the cemetery regulations of the Diocese of New Ulm, the Minnesota Catholic Cemetery guidelines, and in conformance to the requirements of the State of Minnesota.

For the location of the cemetery contact the one of the parishes.

Purpose of a Catholic Cemetery

A Catholic cemetery is intended for the burial of Catholic Christians who are entitled to burial according to the rules and discipline of the Roman Catholic Church. However, burial of individuals who do not profess the Roman Catholic faith and the conducting of their burial service by a minister of religion is permitted in a Catholic cemetery. This most frequently involves situations of interfaith marriage in which spouses choose to be buried next to each other. Other situations may arise which require the sensitivity and pastoral judgment of the local pastor. Unusual cases, especially those that may cause some scandal to the faithful, may be referred to the local bishop for advice.

The burial of pets, other animals, vehicles, or other personal possessions (except what is enclosed with the remains in the casket such as a bible, rosary, jewelry, glasses, and the like) is not allowed in a Catholic cemetery.

Proper Conduct in the Cemetery

There has been a long-standing tradition supporting our respect for the dead and respect for those visiting the cemetery for prayer through our observance of certain courtesies and the avoidance of unbecoming behaviors while in a cemetery. Visitors and workers are expected to refrain from loud or boisterous conversations and unchristian language. Idling, loafing, or playing on the grounds is not permitted. Except for designated work crews, no lunches or refreshments should be brought into or consumed on the cemetery grounds. Peddling or soliciting the sale of any commodity within the cemetery is prohibited as well as the placing of signs, notices, or advertisements of any kind. Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the cemetery. Firearms are not to be brought onto cemetery property except by police or military escort accompanying a Veteran's funeral or attending memorial services. Trimmings, dead flowers, or refuse from weeding should be removed from the grave areas, placed in trash receptacles, if available, in an area of the cemetery if one has been so designated for this purpose, or should be removed from the cemetery property to be properly disposed of elsewhere.

Administration of the Cemetery

The administration of each cemetery, including all properties, real and personal, and all funds intended for the benefit of the cemetery, shall be exercised by Parish Corporation through the pastor who may delegate responsibilities to a cemetery committee or an individual. The cemetery committee is a committee of the parish administrative council and reports to it at least on an annual basis.

Purchase of Grave, Arrangements for Burial or Placement of Markers

For all arrangements people are asked to call the parish office. There can be no burial or placement of any kind of marker without prior contact of the parish so that the space can be properly marked.

Planting of flowers by the lot owner is permitted only as allowed by cemetery policy below.

No flowers to front or rear of headstone. Artificial and fresh flowers permitted 12” from sides of headstones. Artificial or potted flowers allowed week before and after Memorial and Labor Day. Artificial Floral Arrangements and Other Materials Artificial flowers are not to be left on the graves indefinitely. They may be placed on the graves near the monument or marker one week before the above mentioned holidays and be left one week after the holiday and then removed. No bouquets or artificial arrangements are to be staked into the grave area except as noted above.

Local management will not be liable for floral pieces, baskets, misplaced or broken flower vases, or flag standards.

Receptacles for waste materials are located in a convenient place in the cemetery. No debris should be left on any lot by workers of any kind. When receptacles are not available, workers are to remove the debris from cemetery grounds and properly dispose of it elsewhere.

Holy Redeemer 

There is an old, closed parish cemetery south of Renville. The Catholic cemetery is north of Renville and is part of the city cemetery. It is the south section of the city cemetery. For more information, contact David Grund at 320-329-3555.

St. Aloysius Cemetery Committee

St. Aloysius and St. Mary's of Bechyn Cemetery Committee: Susie Lothert, Duane Remer, Mike Clouse, Derek Harrier, Gary Wertish (Bechyn), Fr. Joe Steinbeisser (ex officio), Sara Anderson (ex officio).

The St. Aloysius cemetery is located north of Olivia about half a mile north of the church. St. Aloysius parish is also responsible for St. Mary’s cemetery in Bechyn. The cemetery committee meets as needed.

St. Mary’s Cemetery Committee

St. Mary's Committee members: Mike Keltgen, Glen Rodel, Bill Cully, Jerry Brandt, Jim Schneider, Gary Seidl, Tom Schultz, Fr. Joe Steinbeisser (ex-officio), and Sara Anderson (ex-officio).

The St. Mary’s cemetery is located on the north side of Highway 212 on the west end of Bird Island. The cemetery committee meets as needed.

St. John’s Cemetery Committee

St. John's - Tom Novotny (chairperson), Rhonda Kramer, Terri Hill, Doug Kramer, Jeff Kramer, Mike Kramer, Fr. Joe Steinbessier (ex-officio), and Sara Anderson (ex-officio).

The St. John’s cemetery is located at the southwest part of Hector. The cemetery committee meets as needed.