Encountering Christ Together

Maintenance Committees

The Maintenance Committee serves as an advisory group for the pastor. Its function is to review and set priorities for the repair and maintenance of the parish buildings and surrounding grounds. This committee also provides advice on the scope and cost of capital improvements. Each parish will have a maintenance committee which exists as a committee of the administrative council.

Holy Redeemer - There is no separate committee. These responsibilities are covered by the Administrative Council directly.

St. John’s – Charles Kubesh (chairperson), Diane Washburn,  Mike Kenney, Bob Kirtz, Gerald Kirtz, Earl Matzdorf, Gil Varland, Fr. Dennis Labat (ex officio), and Sara Anderson (AFC Business Manager).

St. Mary’s – Chuck Amberg, John Jacobs, Dan Marks, Mike Neubauer, Fr. Dennis Labat (ex officio), Fr. George Schmit (ex officio), Sara Anderson (AFC Business Manager).

St. Aloysius – Corinne Tauber (chairperson), Linda Bremseth (secretary), Terri Hagen, Mike Haubrich, Cindy Grosklags, Katie Marks, Mike O’Halloran, Tom Rau (representative to Administrative Council), Steve Schouten (custodian), Greg Steffl, Linda Wagemaker, Fr. Denny (ex officio), Sara Anderson (Business Manager).